Important Tips


  • If you plan to travel to, or reside in, Argentina , please refer to the Argentina web site in Doha  for specific information on how to obtain a Visa.
  • Ensure your passport is valid:  your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in Argentina.


Safety and Security 

  • Pedestrians and drivers should exercise caution, as drivers frequently ignore traffic laws, and vehicles often travel at excessive speeds.
  • Demonstrations are common in metropolitan Buenos Aires and occur in other major cities as well. Protesters often block streets, highways, and major intersections, causing traffic jams and delaying travel. While demonstrations are usually nonviolent, Qatari citizens should take common-sense precautions and avoid any event where crowds congregate to protest.
  • Public transportation is generally reliable and safe. The preferred option for travel within Buenos Aires and other major cities is by radio taxi or "remise" (private car with driver). Passengers on buses, trains, and the subway should be alert for pickpockets, especially during rush hours.
  • Street crime in the larger cities, especially greater Buenos Aires, Rosario and Mendoza, is a constant problem for residents and visitors alike. As in any big city, visitors to Buenos Aires and popular tourist destinations should be alert to muggers, pickpockets, scam artists, and purse-snatchers on the street, in restaurants, in hotel lobbies, at bus and train stations, and in cruise ship ports.
  • A number of scams involving yellow and black taxis have been reported at international airports and around Buenos Aires.  To avoid these potential issues, either pre-arrange transportation or select one of the flat rate “remise” services from designated counters located inside the airport terminal. In town, radio taxis from a reliable location, such as a hotel, should be utilized whenever possible.
  • Criminals usually work in groups. Be suspicious of anyone who approaches you on the street, and  use caution entering and exiting financial institutions and when using ATM machines.



  • There are no vaccination requirements for visitors to Argentina . For information on Argentina -based infectious disease outbreaks currently being reported, visit the for  Argentina Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



  • Be careful in booking your travel and accommodation, and be sure to only use a licensed travel agency.
  • Try to avoid carrying expensive items while travelling, and do not carry a significant amount of cash-money. Instead, carry your credit cards with you.
  • Comply with Argentine . laws, and abide by the international traveling airline rules.
  • Keep your passport, boarding ticket and valuables in a safe place.
  • Do not in any circumstances give your passport or ID to anyone.